Welcome to Spacifico From Baja

Nestled in a beautiful Baja Sandy Beach point, at the Door of the Internationally known Valle de Guadalupe wine country, it is the perfect stop and spot to experience

Couples room Massage Journey together in a bonding experience.

Spa product

Created this 20 years ago, a concept inspired in water and Baja California healing energy, using local resources, and some of my grandmother oil recipes, We incorporate Arnica that grows abundantly in the area, detoxifying aid Seaweed, Baja sea salt, soothing essential oils, and massage therapists approved Products created to extend the wellness experience at home, made from gentle therapeutic ingredients, bottled in glass with the environment in mind.

Sophisticated skin treatments

Skin,skin,skin!!! And for that, for your luminosity and healthy skin, we use products to safely and effectively beautify and reset your skin, such as DMK.


Deep cleansing Facial

This facial is recommended if you have not had a facial in a month, steam and essential oils prepare the skin, a good skin exfoliation is performed, effective extractions are performed, with you personalized mask in accord to your skin needs.

Age Management Treatments

DMK skin revision treatment Truly muscle banding, real oxygenation of the skin, a flush of new energy to the face muscles and skin renewing, a perfect before a especial occasion and also to maintain your beautiful looks , Suggested as your once a month skin treatment of choice.

Quickie Peel

Quick,safe and effectively a lactic splash will be applied to your face and your skin will love it, after, a cryogenic and hydrating mask will be applied, all this in 40min that’s a quick way to get an instant glow.

Serums and oils

 Our classic and best seller the Nutritious soothing face oil, is a must before bedtime, soothing lavender will prepare your skin and senses to calm and prepare to self regenerate, Arnica oil, Hemp oil, lavender oil, vit E oil, will soothe and provide a good environment for the skin and senses to get a healthy morning glow.


Baja Sea scrub, as uplifting as our coasts, lemongrass, detoxifying Seaweed, and a good Baja Sea salt polish, all together they scrub off toxic energy, lack luster skin, and negative thoughts, something good and stimulating for the microcirculation to maintain a healthy glowing skin.